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Voodoo magic is widely known as the "most powerful" form of occultism in general.

Magical powers have the effect of causing a change in a persons life – for good or for worse. For centuries, prominent emperors, kings, nobles and warriors have implored this universal powers to achieve the seemingly impossible. History have testified to the effectiveness of Voodoo Spells and Rituals in Haiti and other Caribbean countries where the religion is practised.

It will be interesting to note that i was an ordained Roman Catholic Priest before i became a Voodoo High Priest. Voodoo has been my family heritage for generations. following the death of my grand father, i was chosen as the next master of the Bizango Voodoo Secret Society. i have been practising now for over 30 years.

My ancestors are naturally born into the Voodoo Priesthood. Contrary to popular belief, real and effective Voodoo is not learnt; nor is the priesthood acquired.  it is inherited and passed on through the generations.  I became the Voodoo priest of my tribe at an early age. At 6, I can already tell my father who will be visiting him that day. Following my grand fathers death, I became the current master. I travel all over the world to cure the sick, clean houses and business environments of evil spirits, bring love to loveless homes and laugher where there is sorrow. I have removed tears from the cheeks of many and saved countless companies from imminent collapse.

The success of my Voodoo spells and Rituals are uniquely amazing in its effects and strongly mysterious in reversing hopeless situations into a joyful and lasting happiness. My clients are integrated  into the rituals.  of course, i understand that where circumstances of work and family cannot permit a physical meeting in my temple, i can still carryout a ritual on behalf of a client and still achieve same results.

There is a major difference between Voodoo and Magic. Magic is what magicians perform on stages for purposes of entertainment. it is not real. it is called 'a flip of the hands' hidden from the view of spectators producing what appears to defy known physical laws.

Voodoo on the other hand is a spiritual activity that produces physical realities within a certain time frame. this is what i do: i take a wish and turn it into a spiritual entity. with spells, rituals and incantations, i will give this spiritual entity, power, direction and velocity which then  take on a physical form which people call results. these results are not instant. it takes between 9 to 21 days to see the physical result of what you seek. complicated black magic removal rituals can take more days even months.

 What is VOODOO?

There are about 2500 incantations in Voodoo. each designed to achieve a single aim. the incantations must be repeated in the original Bizango Language.  you change or substitute one word and the ritual is null and void.

"do you have  marriage or love difficulties?
"do you lack hope, joy and happiness in life?
"is your love relationship at risk?

"do you suspect that you are under blackmagic attack?

"do you think you are under some kind of spell making life impossible for you?

"do you desire a marriage free from divorce?
"you want to reverse the negative things in your life  for good?
"is your house haunted by evil spirits?

"do you want to liberate yourself from black magic attacks? ........
“do you want the renowned Bizango Voodoo Oracle to reveal to you what lies in your future?

Then here is your chance to effect a direct change in the situation:

I work exclusively with authentic African ingredients - clothes for myself and my clients, herbs, utensils ... each and every item in my temple  is  cleansed and consecrated.

I  performed Voodoo Rituals only at night. between the hours of 0.00 -0.59. it lasts 1 hour. of course, this depends on the nature of the ritual. some rituals can take hours and can also become necessary to be performed at specials places:  flowing streams, cemetery and other places dictated by the gods.

i do not want anyone to be under any illusions about Voodoo and its numerous rituals. real and effective Voodoo is no child's play. it is expensive because after the rituals, all materials involved must be destroyed by fire and the ashes scattered over a flowing stream or river to make the results of the procedure permanent.

Before i carryout any Voodoo or Black Magic activity, i must first perform an oracle. this is designed to know the opinion of the gods and minimise the chances of failure. my rituals are never left to the mercy of chance and accident.

Happiness and fulfilment is the right of every human being to pursue. I am here to help and guide you with Voodoo to the way of ultimate fulfilment. let me help you discover your own path to eternal fulfilment.

Sex, Money, Health, Beauty, Success and Happiness can be all yours with Voodoo Rituals and Spells.

to achieve anything worthwhile, one needs to remain focused while ignoring all other inconveniences. they are nothing but distractions. yes, that is what they are. anything obtained for free is so because it has no value. it is not worth a price. worthless! distractions will certainly come your way, but your ability to keep them at bay is what differentiates a winner from a loser.  losers never win and winner may lose but will come out victories because they have mastered the art of being focused on a single aim at a time. any hypnotist will tell you the importance of being focused. we live in terrible times. gone are the days when gold could be found on the surface of the earth. now, to get gold, one has to dig really deep.

i have many detractors, but it does not bother me. Jesus Christ was labelled an agent of the devil because his miracles defy logic. those accusations led to his eventual crucifixion. but this has not diminished the effect his teachings has on a global scale. the like of which has not been repeated by any human.

I respect your Privacy. i am not seeking to obtain any personal information beyond what is voluntarily offered through electronic communication. all information given including emails, phones calls and photos will remain private and confidential.

may God bless you all

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